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Company Šimon & Šípek s.r.o. was founded in 2009. Our goal is to provide the best services in every part of our business. This is also the reason why our company bears our names. We personally guarantee the quality of our services.


Ing. Jan Šípek

Ing. Jan Šimon


Our company has been operating an online shop with high-end human and pet urns since 2009. This e-store was the first of its kind in the Czech Republic. You can find more than 1000 urn designs in our range. They are suitable for both - interior and exterior use. We are offering urns made from metal, stone, ceramics, wood, carbon fiber, glass, crystal and biodegradable materials. There are also name plates or cremation pendants in our offer.


Pet crematorium

The Pet crematorium Prague is the only crematorium of its kind in the capital city of Prague. Our aim is to offer services to pet owners in order to have a chance for a dignified parting with their loved ones, with whom they have spent many years of life.



Our unique Guarantee system ensures that your pet is cremated alone thus you have 100% certainty, that you will get only the ashes of your loved one. Upon reception each pet receives a unique code, which accompanies it at all times – from the cool box to the ashes and filling the urn. The same code which is used in all documents is on the cremation stone, which is with the pet at all times, including the incinerator. It is designed to withstand high temperatures. Then the cremation stone with the unique code is in ash during cooling and it is also put together into the urn. This avoids all confusion – thanks to the code we always know which ashes belong to which pet. Every cremation is recorded by a camera, which focuses on the furnace and proves that the pet was alone in the furnace.


  • Reception of pets even on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays
  • Complete service – we can deal with everything (transport, formalities, death certificate etc.)
  • Everything in one place - office, cool boxes, ceremonial hall, cremation furnace and urns all in one place in Prague, reachable by public transport
  • ROUND THE CLOCK opening times – you can call anytime 24/7
  • We can come to you or you can bring your pet to us
  • Pet euthanasia at home
  • Transport of the pet from home or your vet
  • Individual cremation with guarantee (your pet is always alone in the furnace)
  • Urns, paw prints and other accessories available


In this way we would like to thank the pet crematorium Prague for allowing yesterday's final farewell to our loving dog Argo. We've never come across such a professional approach before and we are happy that we were able to see off our dog on his last journey on this very spot. Once again, many thanks.


Luboš and Martina, Prague


I am happy that I decided to say farewell to our Jimmy with respect ... Your attitude pleasantly surprised me and actually really helped as well ... I'd like to thank you very much for that.


Alexandra Kleslová, Prague




The Pet cremation Pilsen is the first and the only pet funeral service in Pilsen and its surroundings. We provide cremation of pets from the whole Pilsen region - Rokycany, Přeštice, Klatovy, Domažlice, Tachov, Stříbro or Sušice.

We are a branch of the Pet crematorium Prague and our aim is to offer services to pet owners in order to have a chance for a dignified parting with their loved ones, with whom they have spent many years of life. Our crematorium belongs among the most modern ones in Central Europe when it comes to technology and the level of service.

Our unique Guarantee system ensures that the owners gets only the ashes of their pets after each individual cremation. Everything is documented by the record of a camera, which constantly focuses on the furnace.

We offer complex funeral services for pets. Our regional office in Pilsen is available to you every day during opening hours. Outside our office’s opening hours, we operate as an emergency service. It means you have to call us before your arrival to the office and we arrive there as soon as possible. You can call us anytime 24/7.



Horse cremation, the only horse crematorium that provides cremation for horses, ponies and other larger animals in the Czech Republic. We cooperate with the only horse crematorium in Germany - Dank und Treu, whose we are the only representative on the Czech market.

We are a part of the Pet crematorium Prague, which has been offering cremation and funeral services since 2015. The crematorium is run by Šimon & Šípek s.r.o. company, which bears the names of its two owners. Our aim is to offer services to horse owners in order to have a chance for a dignified parting with their loved ones, with whom they have spent many years of life.

The quality of the provided services is guaranteed with our names.

Dank und Treu horse crematorium is the first and the only crematorium for horses and ponies in Germany and was created in 2017. Nevertheless, Sandra and Jochen Lutz, the crematorium owners have had more than 15 years of experience with pet cremation.

We are a member of Pet Funeral Association and Czech Republic Funeral Union.


Our company is the exclusive representative of Algordanza company.
AlGORDANZA memorial diamonds represent

  • a wonderful and timeless connection to a beloved person
  • your personal place of mourning, remembrance and joy
  • the most personal memorial jewel
  • an everlasting heirloom over generations
  • uniqueness and individuality


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